Energy Surveys


Energy Surveys.

KEM offers a comprehensive range of energy surveys from home energy survey’s to commercial. Their experience and professionalism combined with affordable prices makes them one of the leading environmental management companies in the area. These services include.

Domestic and commercial Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s)

Since 2008 it has been law for all homes in England and Wales marked for sale or letting to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).These certificates have been introduced to better determine the energy rating and CO2 emissions from individual properties both domestic and commercial. KEM provides an Energy Performance Certification service to the Domestic, Commercial, On Construction and Social Housing Markets.

Displayed Energy Certificates (DEC’S)

Also in 2008 saw the introduction of the Displayed Energy Certificates (DEC’s) which stipulated that all public buildings with a floor area greater than 1000m2 and occupied by a public authority or a body providing a public service must display a valid DEC or face a maximum fine of £5000. As these certificates need to be updated annually and accompanied by an update report every seven years, KEM are able to provide a service which can help your business to comply with these new regulations by providing the relevant documents.

Air conditioning inspections.

As air conditioning systems can account for over 50% of the energy used in buildings they have been specifically targeted in the new legislation. The aims of the inspection are to provide building owners or operators with information about system performance and identify opportunities to reduce your CO2 emissions and save energy and money.

Reduction in uncontrolled heat loss.

Inadequate building efficiency can result in infrastructure fabric degradation through condensation, occupier discomfort, poor air quality and higher energy consumption resulting in expensive energy costs and moisture which could affect the whole building infrastructure. Using proven scientific techniques we are able to measure the air leakage from the building by identifying the temperature fluctuations between the inside and outside of the building and immediately and accurately highlight the specific areas of concern thus creating a higher energy saving.

Carbon management.

As of 1st April 2010 the Government has introduced the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC). The of the scheme is to reduce the level of carbon emissions currently produced by the larger ‘low energy-intensive’ organisations by 1.2 million tonnes of CO2 per year by 2020. The CRC will cover both public and private sector organisations and is expected to affect over 5000 organisations in the UK. KEM’s expertise in this field means that we are able to supply a service that is able to assess whether your company should register or submit an information disclosure for the CRC, develop a compliance strategy and energy reduction plan and implement early action measures in order to secure a good league table position.

Sustainability management.

By focusing on building performance, KEM are able to survey and collect data to enable benchmarking of sustainability performance. This can be across a range of building assets, between areas of individual buildings and against industry benchmarks. Our IEMA (Institute of Environment
Management and Assessment) qualified staff can contribute, with their considerable experience to your management strategy, identify and if required implement specific improvements in building controls, , management, fabric and M&E services.

Home Energy Advisors (HEA’s)

Housing Energy Advisors (HEA’s) assess individual households and offer practical advice on how energy performance can be improved and CO2 emissions reduced and how utility costs can be brought down, whether through fabric improvements or changes in the occupant behaviour. KEM
provide fully qualified HEA’s who encourage and motivate occupants, facilitating implementation of these recommendations.

Inventory Service, tenant check in, tenant check out, interim report.

In addition to our energy survey services we also offer an inventory service. Since the introduction of the Tenancy Protection Scheme (TPS) in 2007 all landlords are required by law to have an independent party in order to assess the value of property contents, fixtures and fittings to ensure that tenants and landlords are protected. KEM offer a comprehensive inventory service with a fully accredited APIP Inventory Clerk, whether you require a full inventory of your property and contents, a Check-in report or Check-out report at the beginning or end of the tenancy. Interim reports are also available

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